Equipment we use.

As much as you are purchasing the whole system off ourselves, you are effectively buying, panels and an inverter installed by us.


Solar panels are unbelievably reliable, really incredible, out of 15 years of installation I have only ever had one fail, on top of that I have barely even seen a failed panel. The biggest danger you have is paying too much for the perception that one may fail.

We have traditionally installed Longi panels and highly recommend these.

Other panels that are well represented in Perth and we are happy to use, Jinko, JA Solar, Canadian Solar, REC, Trina, Suntech.


Unlike solar panels, inverters do occasionally fail, way less than 1% but it does happen, in this situation you really need good backup. As a standard we always quote Goodwe, we have found them to have excellent service and a fast turn around for replacements.

Goodwe inverters have an excellent monitoring app, called the SEMS portal, we set this up for you on installation but it is easy to set up yourself should you change internet provider.

Fronius inverters are a very popular and European made inverter.

Other reliable inverters, SofarSungrowSMA, Istore


Tesla make a great product and we are certified installers.

We also happily install Goodwe.


Aluminium racking which you probably don't think about, but an integral part of the system. Your system is bolted to the roof with stainless steel or aluminium brackets and aluminium rails. Panels are placed on top and clamped down to strict Australian design codes and designed by yours truly to local wind loadings. Proper installation is extremely important as leaks can result. We use Titan Racking.


A super important part of the equation, as much as I would like to say, I personally vet and inspect each of our suppliers plants, the reality is I have to rely on a good importer to bring in product and make sure they are technically, financially and logistically reliable.

I am happy to say that I am seriously one of the first ever customers of One Stop Warehouse, who are now Australia's number one supplier/agent for the top brands. These guys really are the Bunnings of solar and I am impressed by the loyalty of thier staff and suppliers.

Baywa r.e is an enormous international solar company who have been there from the start, highly recommended.

After that there is no end of smaller importers and some companies such as Sunboost, import their own equipment.