About Formula Sun

Since 2006, I have been looking after Perth solar customers. I say I, as it really is just me doing all of the sales, admin and owning, to give you personalised and consistent service.

Obviously installation is the most important aspect of any solar company and here I keep a very small team of trusted, long term electricians, if you are recommended by a friend it is certain that exactly the same people will be working on your job.

Supply wise I am proud to be one of One Stop Warehouse's first Perth customers and have enjoyed their continued support, I really am the type of person that want's to create a trouble free experience for the customer and myself.

If you call our number either during the sales process or afterwards it will be me that answers, and I will remember all aspects of your job or quote.

I believe this is unique in the Perth market and it really is the opposite of large companies with their call waiting and sales targets.