WA Langford Install to Last the Ages

WA Langford Install to Last the Ages

WA Langford Install to Last the Ages

What are people looking for when they start to look into Solar? Sure, we’re saving the world, ‘One Panel at a Time.’ And you are. But let’s be honest, the first thing on your mind is your ROI (Return on Investment). It’s exciting when you get a new system installed. But the moment you’re waiting for is when your savings on each bill have all added up to essentially have your solar system pay itself off. From that moment on, sunshine becomes pure profit. You want to be sure you’ll see this day, so you want to be sure you have equipment that will last. For this install in Langford, WA you’re looking at Tier 1 panels paired with a high end inverter.

Every panel we install come from Tier 1 companies that could very well continue pumping out power 30 to 40 years down the line, well past the warranties they offer. Also, the inverters we provide have 10 year warranties; but if maintained correctly they could keep on working for 15 to 20 years. While we only install equipment that’s built to last, be sure to have warranties from anybody you’re buying solar from, this will guarantee that you will have made back well beyond what you spent in at least ten years time, if not more.

-Formula Sun



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