Serious Synergy Solar Returns

Serious Synergy Solar Returns

Serious Synergy Solar Returns

There’s nothing quite like buying a product and seeing immediate and tangible returns. This customer had their solar system installed on the 22nd of March, 2018 and has sent me bills for the previous and post Formula Sun solar system periods.

To save you reading the fine print this is a saving of $480 once I take out the meter re-program fee. (Synergy do like to charge for everything they can think of).

Synergy Solar Returns

Pre Solar

Pre Solar Synergy costs

Synergy Solar returns

Post installation Synergy Solar returns













Jeremy also left us a great review on the Solarquote website, you have to scroll down to the 10th of April to see it.

“Phil and the team at Formula Sun did a fantastic job with our solar system. It is a difficult roof to work with and they did it with ease, the team was friendly and had the system installed in less than a day. Can’t fault the price, service, warranty and the whole process was made so easy. I would recommend Formula Sun to anyone looking at solar. We now spend most of our time watching the app to see how much power we are producing :)”

Synergy Solar returns roof



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