Spacious Roof at Preston Beach

Spacious Roof at Preston Beach

Spacious Roof at Preston Beach

A nice installation right near the beach recently. A spacious roof like this is nice for everybody. But there’s room enough for a bigger system, so why did we stop here? Why not go bigger? To put it simply, affordability. How much you spend versus how much you get back.

So, five years ago it was rare to see anyone go larger than a 3kW system. Today it’s pretty standard to go with 6kW. No doubt, technology will move forward years down the line. You’ll have bigger, more affordable systems and batteries that will actually be worth the investment. But for now, the upgrade from a 6kW to 12kW just isn’t worth it for residential systems. ‘What!?’ Right now in Western Australia, Synergy has a buyback scheme that pays you for every kiloWatt you don’t use. But they cut this off at 6kW, meaning, go all the way to 12kW and you’re producing even more energy that you aren’t using and not getting paid for.

To be fair, the buyback scheme isn’t where the real savings are with solar. Currently, it only sells for about $.07 a kW. The real savings lie in replacing consumption (about $.27 a kW) with solar energy. Those 6kW running through your house should be enough to knock out consumption on a typical home during the daylight, so long as you’re smart about when you use power.

Bigger systems won’t be your smartest move until batteries become reasonably priced. With a battery, all your extra energy will be stored and used at night, meaning you can even avoid paying for power after the sun goes down. We’re all waiting for the day, but until then you’re fine with your standard 6kW system. Take advantage of the buyback and do your best to use energy while the sun is in the sky.

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