Solar Upgrade in Willeton, WA

Solar Upgrade in Willeton, WA

Solar Upgrade in Willeton, WA

‘I must say, I have never looked forward to getting a power bill!’

A recent customer of ours has upgraded her system. Looking at the difference in power output between the old and the new, she was already pleased even before her first bill came in.

To upgrade your old system, people tend to think it’s as simple as adding a few more panels, and then paying for those panels. But the reality is, it’s a bit more complex than that. With the equipment needed as well the way government rebates work, it’s nearly the same price as completely removing your system and installing a whole new one. We recommend this route not only to keep things simple, but because we are sure of all the equipment we use and our installers can be trusted to do a perfect job.

This customer had us remove an old system and install a new one. ‘The installers,’ she said, ‘got the new panels on the front of the house more level and flat on the roof than the previously installed system’s panels.’ Imagine what other, finer, details our installers must have improved upon.

Of course, if you want us to, we could still add to your existing system rather than replace it. But if you’re installing from a trusted company like ours who really know the ins-and-outs of Solar we believe that replacing your system will really go a long way for you down the road.

-Formula sun

‘I went with Formula Sun Solar as they were recommended by my son-in law and son, who were both impressed with their systems and the installation team.
I was just as impressed.
Phil the proprietor explained how everything would progress from start to finish and it did. The installers were just as good, answering all my questions on the day. We have a few minor sags in our roof but all the panels sit flat on my roof. So well done! All the work was done very professionally and neatly… We are really pleased with the installation of the panels and inverter. Your installers were lovely and answered all my questions and also helped me install and set-up the app for my phone. I will happily recommend you and your crew to any of my friends or family that are thinking about putting a Solar System on their homes.’
-Willeton Customer


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