Solar System Installer Perth

We run an owner operated service that avoids any problems and gives you personalised service. The warranties are backed by large local suppliers and we won’t pressure you into a sale. We have below market prices, as we have low overheads and keep our marketing costs down by relying on your word of mouth. You will get a better system, installed better from Formula Sun.

What Sets Us Apart From Other Solar System  Installers

We are a Fremantle based Solar company through and through and offer you local personalised service. There are far more national solar retailers that have set up in Perth and then moved on leaving behind a trail of problems, than there are locally grown, long term solar specialists who will always be there for you.

We aim to give you exceptional service and have you call us back in a few years when battery technology is affordable for the masses.

We have installed many systems over many years but have always kept our small business format that treats you personally whilst partnering with cutting-edge manufacturers to offer the most reliable and high-performance solar products.

All of our systems offer:

  • Full battery integration
  • Either 10 or 12 years manufacturers panel warranty, with onsite labour for Q-Cell and GCL
  • 5 and 10 years onsite warranty for all inverters
  • Anodised racking system with 10 year warranty
  • 7 year installation warranty
  • Locally backed warranties
  • Not direct imports
  • Wifi monitoring
  • CEC recommended true 5 year ‘whole of system’ warranty

Our personal recommendation of the highest quality equipment currently on the Perth Solar Panel market.