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Welcome to Formula Sun’s Solar Panel guide for Perth, as a leading Perth Solar Panel installer we are only interested in supplying you the most reliable and advanced Perth and Fremantle solar panels.

As the top solar panel installer in Perth, Formula Sun has listed the best suppliers available in Perth.

Choosing Your Perth Solar Panel

Here is some important background information that you need in choosing the right solar panel:

  • Only buy solar panels from an installer that supplies LOCALLY BACKED WARRANTIES, from a company WITH A PERTH OFFICE, direct imports from a supplier is asking for trouble and anybody claiming ‘exclusive panels’ just means no other installer would like to buy them.
  • We only deal with companies with locally backed warranties, not Sydney, not Melbourne, not China, locally warranted and serviced.
  • The Tier rating for solar panels is a rating for the bankability of a panel company not whether the product is perhaps 2nd rate. Having said that Tier 1 companies, in general, have higher quality control and more automated production facilities.
  • Panels will last 30 years or more. They deteriorate very slowly over time, less than 1% per year.
  • There’s no ‘magic panel’, the technologies across many brands are remarkably similar with GCL providing over 40% of the worlds solar wafers as they are the market leaders. If you look at the specifications on the product sheets, you will notice incredibly similar figures, this may fly in the face of various claims, but the specifications do not lie.
  • Be wary of ‘exclusive’ products. It usually means re-branded lower quality panels, marketed as something unique or special, very common from larger companies.
  • Be very wary of ‘independent online advice’.  Unfortunately, this does not exist.  Every regular contributor to solar forums and the like is somebody in the industry.
  • Panel efficiency is not as important as the overall size (in Kilowatts) of a system. For example, you may pay $1,200 for 4 x 250-watt GCL Panels (1kW). Or you could pay $2,000 for 3 x 330 watt Sunpower Panels (1kW). They both produce exactly the same amount of power, the only difference is how much room they take up.
  • Independent warranty insurance is when the solar company has taken out an insurance policy to cover the warranty should the panel fail and then the company fail as well. It’s an indication of incredible faith in their products. Most panel companies offer independent warranty insurance.

Recommended Solar Panels Available in Perth

Please note ALL solar panels reviewed here come with the following industry standard features.

  • Salt mist testing, i.e. they are suitable for coastal conditions
  • 10 year manufacturer’s warranty, (12 for Q-cell)
  • 25 year performance guarantee
  • Bypass diodes
  • Excellent low light (irradiance) performance
  • Low performance drop off in high temperatures
  • Fire rating to Australian Standards
  • Structural loadings to Australian Standards
  • CEC approval
  • Eligible for STC rebate
  • Anti PID
  • Positive power tolerance
  • Anti dust coating
  • IP67 rating

 Hanwha Q-Cells

Hanwha Q-Cells is one of the very few non Chinese-owned companies.  They are Korean-solar panel installerowned with R&D in Germany and manufacturing plants in Germany, Korea, Malaysia and China. Widely regarded as the best solar panels in the world and unlike most of the other top end panels,  they have managed to keep their costs in check and remain competitive. They have decades of production, solid Tier 1 financials as a fortune 500 company and the panels come with double the standard wind loading. They also have an excellent  Perth agent and in 2016, they become the top module supplier in Australia with over 10% of all installations. You might not see them up close, but we do, these are an extremely well-made panel.

Below is Hanwha Q-Cells data sheet:

  • 12 year manufacturers warranty
  • Tier 1 Super League
  • Wind load rating to 4000 Pa, (your roof will blow off before this)
  • Welded cables and breathable junction boxes
  • anti-reflections glass technology
  • 83% performance at 25 years
  • German engineered



GCL has long been the world leader in manufacturing solar wafers and cells, supplying some 40% of these products to other Tier 1 manufacturers such as Jinko, Trina, and JA Solar. They have been msolar panel installeraking solar cells longer than anyone else and are seen as the world’s most influential solar manufacturer. Well priced, perfect quality, Perth office, GCL are the reason you never have to risk a direct imported solar panel again.

 solar panel breakdown 2017

Below is GCL’s data sheet:

  • Tier 1 manufacturer
  • Has an office based in Perth
  • TUV Rheinland Certification
  • Multi-Busbar technology on 72 cell modules
  • 27 years of operation
  • World’s largest renewable manufacturer
  • Fully automatic production 
  • PID and snail trails free
  • Self-cleaning, high transparency glass
  • Largest silicon, wafer and solar cell manufacturer worldwide
  • Genuine MC4 connectors
  • Independent warranty insurance
  • Formula Sun will cover labour costs for any GCL warranty.


Longi Solar

Is the world’s largest mono module supplier and a million miles ahead of the rest when it comes to Tier 1, ultra pure silicon manufacture and high performance panels.

The days of having to pay-over- the-top for 300 watt mono panels have just ended as Longi capitalises on it’s superior technology to consolidate as a major panel producer. Longi’s success lies in their unmatched commitment to Research and Development with over 500 scientists and engineers in their tech department.

This is quite different to most of the large suppliers who have concentrated on efficiency and cost reduction rather than future technologies. This is a technically superior panel available in Perth now for a competitive
price, we are proud to bring you such a market leading solar product.

The incredible 300 watt Longi Mono

  • 84.5% performance at 25 years
  • 10 year manufacturers warranty
  • Part of the PV-Tech Silicon Module Super League with over 4GW of
    annual production.
  • Mono performs better in low light and high temperatures as the cells
    do not get as hot due to less impurities
  • Positive power tolerance only
  • Anti PID for both cell and module
  • Operating temp up to 85 centigrade
  • Nominal operating cell temperature of 45 centigrade, ideal for Perth
  • Can take a maximum System Voltage of 1000V
  • Multi diode
  • Salt and ammonia resistant
  • Financially sound company founded in 2000.


Canadian Solar

A solar company that has been around forever, Canadian Solar only provides quality reliable panels. We have traditionally shied away from them as only a small proportion of their panels were actually made in Cansolar panel installerada and certainly not the ones destined for Australia. Still, Canadian Solar produces a quality product with a great reputation.

Below is Canadian Solar’s data sheet:

  • Tier 1 manufacturer
  • Ideal for heavy snow load (because you never know)
  • Office located in Melbourne
  • Independent Warranty Insurance


Solarworldsolar panel installer

You know all the reviews you read online about German-made modules? Well, Solarworld is the last one left, but probably not for much longer.

The last bastion of German made solar panels has now filed for bankruptcy. They were always a great product but high subsidies, high production costs and out of touch pricing has caught up with them. If you are offered ‘German made Solar Panels’ please contact us, as we are one of Perth’s longest serving Solar retailers and we do not know of any.

We are extremely happy to quote you on Solarworld Panels and back when they were the clear leader on quality this was all we used to install. You will pay around 50% more for Solarworlds than Q-Cells, but if you only trust German perfection these are the panel for you.

Below is SolarWorld’s data sheet:

  • Tier 1
  • German made
  • Glass sandwich construction
  • 30-year performance guarantee



Sunpower panels are the most efficient solar modules in the world. They can pack 320 watts into a panelsolar panel installer that others can only get 270 watts into. That’s 18% more efficient! The problem is they cost twice as much, that’s about $1,000 extra per 1kW.

Below is Sunpower’s data sheet:

  • Malaysian manufacturer.
  • 25-year manufacturer’s warranty (2.5 times longer than the others)
  • Tier 1


ETsolar panel installer

ET was one of the first solar panel suppliers that were available in Australia in 2008. They are widely used in Perth and have mostly gained positive feedback about their products.

Below is ET’s data sheet:

  • Tier 1 since 2012
  • 12-year warranty
  • Independent warranty insurance





REC  Founded in Norway in 1996, REC is a leading vertically integrated solar energy company. Through integrated manufacturing from silicon to wafers, cells, high-quality panels and extending to solar solutions, REC provides the world with a reliable source of clean energy. REC’s renowned product quality is supported by the lowest warranty claims rate in the industry. REC is a Bluestar Elkem company with headquarters in Norway and operational headquarters in Singapore. REC employs more than 2,000 employees worldwide, producing 1.4 GW solar panels annually. 12 year warrantyREC Solar Perth

  • Singaporean manufacture
  • Long term financially strong company
  • 10 year warranty
  • Medium size, high quality
  • PID free


Choosing the Right Solar Panel for you

Choosing an alternative and sun powered source of energy other than Synergy has a lot of benefits. Not only does it help save the environment but also will save you a lot on your electricity bill. A Perth solar panel installation is no longer a long term investment, taking advantage of our low overheads your solar panels from Formula Sun Solar should pay themselves off within a few short years and last a lifetime. Make sure you consult with the best solar panel company in Perth for high quality solar panels, perfect solar installation and exactly the right price.

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