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Premium Solar Installations in Perth

Formula Sun offers an owner operated local service for long term solutions. We are experts at solar panel installations in Perth and have a strong reputation to maintain. The warranties are backed by large local suppliers and we won’t pressure you into a sale. Perth gets more sunshine than any other Australian city – take advantage!

How much do solar installations cost in Perth?

The installation of a standard rooftop solar panel costs from $3,000 to $12,000 in Perth. This is influenced by the size of the solar system and your location. It will be more expensive if you install a larger system.

Generally, the average price for installing solar panels per watt is $1.40 or $1,400 per kW. This decreases when you install larger solar panel systems.

The following table shows the average cost for buying and installing a solar panel system in Perth:

Solar system size (kW) Cost ($)
1.5 2,460
3.0 2,550
4.0 3,190
5.0 3,120
6.0 4,200
7.0 5,420
10.0 9,100

The cost for solar panel installation is influenced by the following:

#1. A flat roof. Solar panels must be directed at a correct angle toward the sun. You need to install a mount to place the panels correctly if you have a flat roof. This will incur additional costs of $20 to $80 per panel.

#2. Solar panel type. Solar panels are not created the same. Solar panels that have a superior crystalline structure produce energy more efficiently compared to others. These may be more expensive as an upfront cost; however, this can bring more savings in the long term.

#3. Roof condition. Installers will charge more if your roof is hard to work on. The most expensive will be roofs with old rooves.

#4. Demand for installers. The law of supply and demand works with solar panel installation as well. If installers have more projects to work on, they will charge a higher price. However, you can have a cheaper fee if you hire installers in the early parts of autumn and spring.

How long do solar panel installations take?

The following table shows the estimated time to install solar panels:

Step Time
Site survey 1 to 2 weeks
Solar system design 2 to 4 days
Permissions 3 to 4 weeks
Installation 1 week
Inspection 1 to 4 weeks

What Sets Us Apart From Other Solar Installers

We are a Fremantle based Solar company through and through and offer you local personalised service. There are far more national solar retailers that have set up in Perth and then moved on leaving behind a trail of problems, than there are locally grown, long term solar specialists who will always be there for you.

We aim for a higher quality of service and look for long term repeat customers who we can establish a relationship with. The idea is affordable, sustainable solutions using the latest technology.

We have installed thousands of systems over many years but have always kept our small business format that treats you personally whilst partnering with cutting-edge manufacturers to offer the most reliable and high-performance solar products.

All of our systems offer:

  • Full battery integration
  • Either 10 or 12 years manufacturers panel warranty
  • 5 and 10 years onsite warranty for all inverters
  • Anodised racking system with 10 year warranty
  • 10 year installation warranty
  • Locally backed warranties
  • Not direct imports
  • Wifi monitoring
  • CEC recommended true 5 year ‘whole of system’ warranty

The quality of solar installations in Perth plays a key role in the longevity and efficiency of the panel itself.

Call Formula Sun now for the best solar installations in Perth – 0491 288 808. Quotes are free and we offer a 10 year installation warranty.


Can I get a rebate for solar panel installations in Perth?

Absolutely. A solar panel rebate allows up to 10% off of the cost of purchasing and installing a solar panel system. There is a lot of complexity and confusion surrounding solar panel rebates, which are technically supposed to be called a Small Scale Technology Certificate (‘STC’). In order to get the STC/rebate, you will need to use panels and inverters that are approved by the Clean Energy Council (‘CEC’). Moreover, they need to be installed using a CEC approved installer such as Formula Sun.


How much is the solar panel rebate?

This can get very complex, very quickly. The short answer is that you can get $525 per KW. The rebate is bigger if you purchase a larger system – this is something to factor in when determining how much you can save with high quality solar panel installations in Perth. Certain criteria need to be met to get the solar panel rebate.


Can I install solar panels myself in Perth?

No. There are many Australian regulations that prohibit self-installation of solar panels. Even if it was legal, you would not be able to take advantage of the significant tax incentives. And there is also the fact that it is quite complicated to do. At the end of the day, your solar installations would not be as efficient as they would be if you hired a professional to do it.


What are the difficulties with solar installations in Perth?

There are too many technical difficulties to go into in any great detail. If you are not aware of the safety precautions there is a risk of death or injury through electrocution. CEC electricians are trained to work on rooftops and to handle electrical appliances. Solar panels that are not correctly installed can lead to power surges. You can void warranties and insurance if the solar panel is not installed properly. You need to take the roof load bearing maximum into account and decide on where to place them, how many to put down, and various other factors.

The bottom line is that installing solar panels by yourself is not a good idea! It is illegal, costly, dangerous, and inefficient.

Thankfully, you can just hire Formula Sun.

It is legal, affordable, safe, and efficient.

Call us now on 0491 288 808 for premium solar installations in Perth.

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