Solar Installation in Melville, Perth, WA

Solar Installation in Melville, Perth, WA

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This job was done in Melville, just ten minutes away from Formula Sun’s own base of operations in Fremantle. With limited space on the roof, the panels were oriented horizontally, giving this roof quite a unique look as well as fitting more panels. May as well take full advantage of your 5kW inverter in style if you can. Another job well done.

-Formula Sun in Melville


2 thoughts on “Solar Installation in Melville, Perth, WA”

  1. Marlene O'Dea says:

    I live in a townhouse and single person dwelling, may fit 8 panels what can you do ?

    1. Phil Mercer says:

      Hi Marlene, we can certainly have a look. Best to call me on 0420746897 and we can send you a formal quote and solar panel report.

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