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Here at Formula Sun, we believe in demystifying solar and selling you a straightforward product without all the confusing sales hype and uncheckable pricing.

We are now able to offer you exactly the same thing with finance. Our interest payments are simply built into the upfront price. It is important to get a low-interest rate and no ongoing fees – which is precisely what we offer in conjunction with Plenti.

By partnering with the Clean Energy Finance Corporation, Plenti is able to offer below-market-rate loans and have an easy to use repayment calculator that includes all of the costs. You do the application yourself online without being pressured by an annoying salesperson.

Plenti pays Formula Sun direct as our systems are pre-approved. Simply put the amount we have quoted you into the RateEstimator for your all-inclusive repayment amounts – the minimum term is 36 months. Solar finance in Perth has never been easier.

This is an example of how your solar system can be cash-flow positive from day one.

Formula Sun quote – $3,990.

Estimate saving per 2 month Synergy bill – $400.

Loan repayment per 2 months – $268.

Complete system cost over 36 months – $4,824

Call us now to take advantage of affordable solar finance in Perth, one of the world’s sunniest cities – 0491 288 808.

What affects solar panel savings?

Many things affect the savings you will make on solar panels. At its core, it is a mathematical formula. But don’t just buy the cheapest solar system. Using low quality installers and products will cost you money in the long term. Some locations are simply better for solar. Having a north facing roof is an advantage. Lifestyle also plays a role. If you are away all day and use a lot of energy at night and in the morning, then solar makes little sense unless you have a strong battery with it. Of course, the intensity and duration of sunlight is also a factor. Perth, being one of the sunniest cities in the world, is perfect for solar savings.


How do I save money on solar panel installations?

Because we are a CEC licenced installer, you can save 50% on your installation costs. These are serious savings. Plus, the solar installation itself is able to generate an income stream for you. Because you can sell the excess power generated from the solar panels back to the supplier. This process is known as ‘net metering’. Finally, you save money directly by the free energy generated from the sun instead of paying for it.


How can I figure out how much I will save?

Solar power is a confusing area for many. You need to know all the facts and figures to understand how much you could save. First, call Formula Sun for a free quote on 0491 288 808. You can then understand the cost of installation and financing. You can compare this cost with what you will save based on estimates of the power generated by the individual solar panels and what the typical rates are for one KW of energy.


Do people really save money with solar panels?

Yes, and these savings are not trivial. High consumption families can save $3,000 a year on electricity costs, and a high quality solar system can last 25 years. Yes, there are other factors. The install might cost $4,000 or so. Maintenance will be needed yearly and panels will have to get replaced. You will still need to draw from the grid unless you are using a solar battery. You might move house, or decide to simply consume less electricity. The electricity suppliers might give fewer rewards for feed in tariffs. And your system will lose efficiency with time. But even so, you are set to make incredible savings if you have the foresight to invest in solar panels. You’ll also be helping out the environment.


Why is everybody not doing this?

Actually, a large proportion of people are. In Australia, solar panels are a very popular option, because it is such a direct way to save cash and assist the environment. The biggest deterrent is the upfront cost of installation.

Even with reduced prices, many people do not want to pay a large amount upfront, despite the fact that they save money over the long term. But with the right finance from Formula Sun & Plenti, even this concern is removed.

Call us now for a free quote and affordable solar finance in Perth – 0491 288 808.

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