Solar Batteries Perth

Solar Batteries Perth

Powerful & Reliable Solar Batteries Perth

Perth Solar Batteries are the number one inquiry we get from old and new customers alike. Reliable battery technology is here, but unlike our Solar systems that have very short payback periods and last a lifetime, batteries are higher priced and more for ‘first movers’.

Home Battery Storage for Single Phase Inverters


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GCL has easily the most refined battery products on the market. Whilst Tesla have been making press releases, GCL have been making batteries.

Here’s GCL’s battery data sheet below:

  • 5.6 Kilowatt Hours Storage
  • TUV certification
  • Able to be linked together for extra storage
  • 10 year plus lifespan
  • Small size and relatively lightweight
  • Fully compatible with Goodwe retro fit BP series DC energy storage inverter or Hybrid inverter
  • Passive non-fan cooling for silent operation
  • Indoor or outdoor mounting
  • 7 year warranty


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These are a very sleek battery and LG certainly knows their electronics. LG batteries come in a variety of sizes. They have a sleek design and are easy to wall mount. They are suitable for indoor and outdoor mounting.

Home Battery Storage for 3 Phase Inverters


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Enphase is offering the best system at the moment, selling 1.2 kWh ‘AC’ batteries that can be joined together and put with any inverter. For more information on their batteries, please visit this link.

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DC or AC Batteries?

Well for starters, there’s no such thing as an AC battery. If you work out how to store AC power, please give us a call before you tell anybody else. But the term is widely used and perfectly acceptable and our prediction is that ‘AC batteries’ are probably the way of the future.

You can put your batteries on the DC side of the inverter between the panels and the inverter, or on the AC side of the Inverter and your electrical loads. The batteries that go on the AC side like the superb Enphase system are in fact DC batteries with a small inverter in each one. Or you can cut out the extra conversions and just go DC like GCL and LG have done. The problem with the DC batteries is that you have to coordinate with the inverter manufacturers to get everything managed properly. Tesla tried this and came to a cropper recently, dropping their DC batteries before they were even released. Having said that, no such problem from GCL in coordination with Goodwe. Fronius makes batteries and inverters but seems to be going for the billionaire market..

Hybrid Inverters

Please do not believe the hype and buy one of these until you are ready to put your batteries in. Most new battery systems including Tesla will come with a built in inverter for handling the battery management and it will be far superior to buying something now.

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What is a solar battery?

A solar battery stores the excess energy generated from your solar panel. They are invariably good investments as they can ensure maximum usage of your energy. It also means you will have energy at times when there is no sunshine.


Are solar batteries mandatory?

No, you do not have to get solar batteries for your solar panels. It is often recommended, but there are certain instances where you may not have a need for them. For instance, if you are using a grid system then the grid itself acts as a storage reservoir for the energy, which can be drawn upon as needed. But this comes from a common source – you are only not relying on your own pure energy.


What is a hybrid system?

This is where you use both a battery and a grid. This is useful in locations where the grid is unreliable and there are lots of natural disasters. Ideally, the more energy you generate from the sun and use, the better. At the same time, you need energy, especially in the morning and evening when people are getting up or coming from work. There needs to be a mix between convenience and renewability.


What are the different types of solar batteries in Perth?

There are 4 major kinds of solar batteries. They are lead acid, lithium iron, nickel cadmium, and flow. Each has distinct advantages and disadvantages. For instance, nickel cadmium is durable and can operate at extreme temperatures. They are also maintenance free. However, cadmium is extremely toxic and banned in some countries. Flow batteries last for 30 years and are low maintenance, but happen to be quite expensive.


What are the most common types of solar batteries used in Perth?

Lithium ion and lead acid are the most common types of solar batteries. Lead acid is the oldest and cheapest. However, they have a short shelf life and need regular maintenance. Lithium ion is very popular right now. They have a high energy battery density and require little to no maintenance. Tesla and LG make two popular lithium batteries for solar panels.


How much does a solar battery cost?

The cost is dependent on many factors. You need to use a CEC professional to install the battery, and usually the cost of installing the battery, inverter, and panel come together. It also depends on the battery power (3kwh, 8kwh, 13 kwh, etc). For a 3kwh, you might pay around $3,500 for the battery and $5,500 for the install of battery and inverter. These are general averages -you will pay more or less depending on your preferences and the quality of your installer.

To get the best prices on solar batteries in Perth, it’s best to work with a CEC accredited installer.

Call Formula Sun for premium solar batteries installation in Perth – 0400 637 688.

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