Replaced panels no longer to receive STC credits.

Replaced panels no longer to receive STC credits.


Perth Solar STC credits are currently running at $170 per panel and have traditionally been paid not just on new solar installations but also on replacement solar panels. This has led to the situation where it’s usually cheapest and easiest to replace an old small solar system for a whole new larger one, rather than just add too it.

As of January 31st 2018, this can no longer happen and the solar credits will not apply for the replacement Perth solar panels.

It was always daft that you were able to claim STC credits which were amortised forward over 15 years, more than once on the same property, but… it certainly made life easier as the voltages on a lot of the older panels are so much higher than new ones and not compatible.

If you were thinking of upgrading your Perth Solar system, now would be a great time to do it as the difference could be $thousands after January 31.


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