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Hocking, WA

One of the many who took advantage of Formula Sun’s August special, installing a 6.5kW system in Hocking, WA. ‘Mate very happy with install the guys did a great job Thank you’ -Another Satisfied Customer With summer around the corner solar systems are becoming more and more advantageous. Longer days means your panels are producing […]

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Solar Installation in Ashby WA

Another happy customer in Ashby. Here’s What Bryan had to say: ‘Extremely happy with my recent install of a 6.4kw system. Easy to deal with and classic smaller company communication and efficiency. Never pushy. Just anwered all my questions quickly and honestly. The 3 installers (employees, not sub contractors) turned up on time and got […]

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Solar in Caversham WA

Lee took advantage of our July specials to get himself a 6.6kW system on his roof with my favourite combination of GCL panels and Goodwe inverter. We are getting into some seriously high numbers of these packages installed over the last 3 years and as much as I know the customers are happy it’s an […]

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Solar in Landsdale WA

Probably about our 30th solar job in Landsdale and our latest customer a family referral. After all these years we still have the same personnel and our customers are just as happy. Thanks Phil, If you had photos, go for it. Carmel loves the system, I went and explained how it all works to her […]

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Huawei Solar Inverters now in Perth

Huawei inverters, hard to pronounce but easy to use. I’ve always been a fan of the simple elegant designs in solar, there’s not much point putting dozens of optimisers and micro inverters on your roof to eek out a few extra percent, when for a tenth of the cost you could simply put on another […]

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Serious Synergy Solar Returns

Synergy Solar returns

There’s nothing quite like buying a product and seeing immediate and tangible returns. This customer had their solar system installed on the 22nd of March, 2018 and has sent me bills for the previous and post Formula Sun solar system periods. To save you reading the fine print this is a saving of $480 once I take out the […]

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Solar in Belmont by Formula Sun

Chris was a customer who well and truly did his research and ended up knowing quote a lot about solar by the time I came to visit him, so we will take that as a compliment that he chose Formula Sun. By using the new Longi 300 watt mono panels we were able to get him up […]

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Madora Bay Solar and the superior Longi mono panels.

A nice big system for Paul in Madora Bay WA, 6.6kW of the impressive Longi 300 watt panels and the 5kW Goodwe inverter for a sub $4,000 price, just 12 months ago you would have been paying $1,700 more for such high performance panels. Longi have changed the game in solar back from polycrystalline which has dominated the market […]

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