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Solar in Baldivis, WA

Solar in Baldivis

Baldivis in Perth’s southern suburbs has one of the highest concentrations of solar anywhere in Australia. More than two-thirds of houses in the suburb generate their own power from the sun. Baldivis tops nation for Solar Power by Daniel Mercer This single storey home is now looking fine with 24 expertly-installed panels! Using a Goodwe […]

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The Perth Solar Savings Calculation

Formula Sun PTY Logo

How much will I save with Solar? Something I get asked quite a lot. Obviously when I do quotes I can only estimate how much people will save, but it is possible to be a lot more accurate with more information, here is part of an email conversation with a recent customer:- OK so that’s […]

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300 watt Longi Solar Panels now available

longi solar panels perth

Now available, just 22 panels for 6.6kW. This is a bit of a not-quite-game-changer but more of a game influencer, sort of a Lachie-Neale-type-changer but not quite a Pav. But none-the-less a big step in the right direction, previously 300 watt panels were more expensive than the extra 10% of power they produced (think Sunpower, […]

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Solar in Butler, Perth, WA

Butler Solar

This is the most amount of panels you can get on your house in Perth and still get the Synergy REBS buyback. It’s 6.6kW on the famous Goodwe 5kW 3 Phase Inverter. Panel wise this is 24 of the world beating GCL Tier 1 Panels. More and more customers are opting for these large systems these days […]

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Solar in Wandi WA

Wandi Solar

Like Baldivis,  Wandi in Perth’s southern suburbs has one of the highest concentrations of solar anywhere in Australia. Baldivis tops nation for Solar Power by Daniel Mercer This double storey, multi-faceted roof was quite difficult to work with and get a shade free solution. Using a dual tracker Goodwe inverter and the high efficiency 275 watt GCL  we […]

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Solar Subsidy to go!

Solar subsidy

Whilst not exactly set in stone, you-read-it-here-first folks. My prediction is that by the end of the next financial year STC’s being Small Scale Technology Certificates that currently subsidise over half the cost of your domestic solar system, will cease to exist. #Please note STC’s are also referred to as REC’s (Renewable Energy Certificates) and […]

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Another happy Solar Customer in Coogee

Although we service all of Perth and even do country jobs, there is nothing better than doing Solar jobs close to home. Home would be Fremantle and we are somewhat specialists in the Spearwood, Coogee, Hamilton Hill area. It only seems like yesterday that Watsonia was open, market gardens were thriving and even the old […]

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Incredible Deals on REC Solar Panels Now On

REC solar are an extremely well regarded panel in the Perth Solar Market, with a long term record of perfectly reliable panels. Usually they are priced as a premium product well out of the reach of the mass market. For a very limited time REC through Formula Sun are offering some incredible REC solar panels […]

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