The Perth Solar Savings Calculation

The Perth Solar Savings Calculation

The Perth Solar Savings Calculation

How much will I save with Solar?

Something I get asked quite a lot. Obviously when I do quotes I can only estimate how much people will save, but it is possible to be a lot more accurate with more information, here is part of an email conversation with a recent customer:-

OK so that’s $266 per bill. I’d say you are going to wipe out all of that bill.

Calculations are as follows.

Your bill $240 ex gst. 60 day bill cycle.Supply charge 60 days x 86 cents = $49.Power charges then $191/24 cents = 795 units. This system will produce 11,000 units per year, so average is 30 units per day, or 1,808 units per 60 days. So out of your 795 you need to estimate how much is used during daylight hours, lets say 80% because you can now put your pool pump on a timer and do more things like washing etc. in middle of the day. If you wanted to be even more accurate you can read your meter dawn and dusk, it’s very easy. So 795 x .8 = 636 units that you won’t have to buy, saving $152.Then you automatically sell back to Synergy (1808 – 636) x 7.1 cents = $83.Grand total ex gst $235 against $240.So for the year $235 x 6 = $1,411 against the purchase price of $3,690, makes for 2.6 years. Your solar is particularly cheap at the moment as the STC subsidy is $4,500 for your system, but this is being reduced on the 1st of January, and it’s been legislated to get rid of it.


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