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Latest Solar Solutions

Panels and inverters are made cheaper and better on an almost monthly basis, don’t get stuck with old technology, buy the latest from us.

Full CEC/STC Rebates

The Federal Government will pay for well over half your solar installation as the installers are fully CEC licenced (A113 3805 & A479 6352).          

Our Team of Experts

All of our installations are carried out by one of our three CEC electrician led teams. We run a small, tight, professional team, and our aim is to be the best not the biggest.

Perth Solar Panels

We aim to provide you with only high quality solar panels that are well supported in Perth. The manufacturing techniques of the Q-Cell and GCL panels are close to perfect, so much so that we have no problem honouring the labour component for the full duration of the manufacturers warranties.

​Please note we do not import and store container loads of panels directly and are under no pressure to push or denigrate a particular brand, we specialise in unbiased honest solar advice. We are happy to quote you for any reputable panel and inverter combination please just ask, but if you are after our best advice we recommend the following:

 Longi Solar Panels

  • PERC High Module Conversion Efficiency up to 18.7%
  • World leader of Mono technology
  • Multi Diode
  • 10 Year Manufacturers Warranty
  • 84.8% Performance at 25 Years
  • Excellent Low Light & High Temperature Behaviour
  • All Black frame and panel
  • Highest quality production and manufacturing
  • Tier 1 Member of the PV-Tech Silicon Module Super League
  • Positive only power tolerance
  •  Salt and ammonia resistant

ET Solar Panels

  • High Module Conversion Efficiency up to 18.44%
  • 81.4% Performance at 25 Years
  • 10 Year Manufacturers Warranty
  • Black Aluminium frame
  • Positive only power tolerance
  •  Salt and ammonia resistant
  • Multi Diode
  • Tier 1 and PERC

Perth Solar Inverters

Whilst the solar panels create DC electricity from the Sun in one of mankind’s greatest inventions, the inverter converts this to 240 volt AC electricity for general use. All modern inverters do this incredibly efficiently with only 1-2% losses. They also track and monitor the systems performance.

Inverters are not as simple and bulletproof as the panels as they contain a lot of electronics and software, but the right brands are now offering incredibly reliable inverters, there is no reason they will not last 15 years or more.

As with panels there’s a plethora of choice, to make your life simple these are the two string inverters we recommend.

GoodWe Inverters

Anybody who has taken the cover off one of these will appreciate the perfect build quality and high end components. This is an exceptional inverter company that is doing everything it can to become the world’s number one.

Due to their current aggressive pricing Goodwe Inverters are outselling the others ten to one and proving faultless in the Perth environment. Maybe not quite as pretty as the Fronius but no reason why it will not convert your DC electricity into AC just as efficiently and reliably for decades to come.

NS-Series-Single-MPPT-Single-PhaseFronius Primo Solar Inverter

Fronius Inverters

Hi quality Austrian made inverters with loads of features and a sleek design. Definitely the world’s leading inverter in 2017.

With a focus on quality and dedicated time spent on researching solar storage solutions, Fronius are a company striving for excellence and revolution. We stand behind Fronius as a quality supplier of inverters and are on hand to discuss Fronius inverters for your solar solution.

All Inverter Options

Solar Panel Mounting System

This is the system that fixes your panels to the roof and has to be able to stand the test of time. For our harsh coastal climate always insist that your racking system is fully anodised aluminium with stainless steel fixings.

  • Fully anodised
  • Stainless steel tile brackets
  • Stainless steel fixings
  • 10 year warranty
  • Propriety system for neat leak free installation
  • Engineers certificate for Australian conditions and wind loadings

We Use Titan Solar Racking

Tital Solar Racks

Perth Solar Batteries

Storing your own power for nightime usage instead of selling it back to the grid is the next Perth solar dream. Right now as of mid 2017 the economics are getting close to break even, but it is nowhere near the incredible returns you will get on your Formula Sun solar system.

Please have a look at our Solar Battery Options page and our blog page to get the latest information as things are changing rapidly in this area. Rest assured your Formula Sun Solar System will be ready to incorporate batteries in the future, without having to gamble on expensive hybrid inverters that may not work with future technologies. 

Enphase Solar ac battery front view with phonesolar perth battery storage

Our Recommended Solar Battery

All of our systems are ‘battery ready’ and we are licensed to install your battery system straight away.

You have two options:

  1. Get the batteries installed at the same time as the solar.
  2. Retro-fitted to your existing inverter and system.

Please note all solar systems are battery compatible.

All Solar Battery OptionsFormula Sun PTY Logo

About Formula Sun Solar

We run a true, Fremantle based, owner operated service that avoids any problems and gives you personalised service and the best installs in the business. The panel and inverter warranties are backed by large local suppliers who have stood the test of time. We have below market prices on reputable equipment simply because we have low overheads and keep our marketing costs down by relying on our customers continued word of mouth. You will get a better system, installed better from Formula Sun.

We have done many jobs for long term customers when they have moved house and also their neighbours, friends and relatives. People choose us simply because it’s a completely hassle free, competent and honest service. Old fashioned service with new fashioned technology.

We have installed countless systems over many years but have always kept our small business format that treats you personally whilst partnering with cutting edge manufacturers to offer the most reliable and high performance solar products. All of our systems offer:

  • ​True 5 year ‘whole of system’ warranty, i.e. if ANYTHING goes wrong, even if the supplier has left Australia, we will repair or replace your system
  • Full battery integration
  • Either 10 or 12 years manufacturers panel warranty
  • 5 or 10 year warranties for inverters
  • Best price guarantee
  • 10 year workmanship warranty
  • Fully engineered, anodised racking systems with 10 year warranty and Engineers certificate
  • Not direct imports, locally backed products
  • Wifi monitoring

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Recent Testimonials, please check our Facebook Page for more.

Tina & ClaudeMunster

​We recently had solar panels installed and I can highly recommend Phil and his team at Perth Solar Formula Sun for there professionalism. We were extremely happy from our first contact with Phil until our installation. The installers did an amazing job. Thanks guys.. Thanks Phil even if it did take a while for me to decide on the direction on my panels… Lol. For anyone looking to install solar panels you won’t be disappointed!!

​We recently had Perth solar formula Sun install 24 panels on our roof and all I can say was amazing service from start to finish….Phil was very informative from the start and nothing too much trouble very easy to deal with and the installers were great also highly recommend we were very confused with who to go with and glad we ended up going this way thanks to Phil not being a pushy salesperson he ended up with our business and we have no regrets can’t wait to see our bills go down ….thanks Phil and your team.

Craig & JodiePerthDon HeatherSpearwood

Before our recent solar Phil explained everything clearly and without “sales hype”. We went with his recommendations then the installation went completely smoothly, on time, all cleaned up after. Top service!

There has never been a better time to install solar panels in Perth than in 2019. Aside from the obvious environmental benefits of solar, the returns on solar investment are high and the solar payback times very short. It’s a perfect scenario of high quality solar products, large government rebates and a very competitive solar panel and solar inverter market.

The RET Rebate: There is some danger of the Federal Government reducing the generous Renewable Energy Target subsidy scheme which currently subsidises over half the cost of your Formula Sun solar system. It’s not that there are any plans for this to happen but politically it could happen very quickly.

Working out your Savings: The vast majority of your savings with a Formula Sun solar system come from buying less electricity from Synergy. It’s easiest to explain with an example:-

The average Perth Synergy Bill is 22 units per day. With the right size solar system you should be able to cut out all of your daylight electricity usage, instead only using the electricity produced by your rooftop solar supply. You may save say 15 units per day, that equates to $1,480 per year, additionally if you have a large solar array you will be able to export some solar electricity to Synergy, they currently pay around 7 cents per unit exported, that would be around another $300 per year.

ROI: There is no other investment you can make that will offer you the returns that a residential or commercial solar system will. If you have a bill over $350 per 60 days, we can offer you a zero deposit package and guarantee your Synergy savings will be greater than your repayments. In a few short years the system will be completely paid for and will generate you a lifetime of free electricity.

Every solar job is different, you may have a huge electricity bill with power hungry teenagers or already be environmentally conscious. The larger your Synergy bill the more you have to save with a Solar System.

New Technologies: As far as waiting for new solar technologies, despite many press releases and articles on innovative new solar breakthroughs, the largest and probably most important solar development in the past 4 years has been the gradual decline in the cost of installed solar systems and the increased reliability. Coupled with this has been the integration of wifi technology into all inverters and greatly improved solar portals for the monitoring and management of your solar system. All of the solar inverters we recommend now come with a dedicated solar app for your phone and devices.

Finance, with our high savings returns and interest free finance options we are proud to offer you a deal that will lower your electricity costs and pay off your new solar system at the same time. Let us know your average Synergy bill and we will work out your savings for you.