Not all Heroes Wear Capes

Not all Heroes Wear Capes

Not all Heroes Wear Capes

Every kid grows up wanting to be a hero. Saving the world from imminent destruction, helping people in need and keeping them safe. But what if those hero’s hadn’t had a film made about them and didn’t dress up in ridiculous skin tight costumes? What if they were just doing their jobs? Here at Formula Sun our electrician’s may not get called heroes, but everyday they are helping to reduce carbon emissions and keep families safe.

Heroes or not people have had some nice things to say about them this past week.

“I knew off the bat they knew what they were doing, being a tradie myself its not hard to spot.” and “I bet my site was cleaner when they left than when they arrived.” said Sam of Palmyra.

Or Phil in Winthrop had this to say, “Your boys, Scott and Luke, were fantastic and did a great job. Very happy with how it all went.”

Well when you are having 6.6kW of solar panels put on the roof of your house, you want someone who you can trust. Someone who knows what they are doing and won’t cut corners because it’s easier. Lucky for us that’s who we have here at Formula Sun.

“Thanks again”


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  1. Sam Seymour says:

    Awesome Job Phil thanks a lot,as I have said previously I know a tradie when I come across one, Estiaan and Juan were top guys and we love the job they did, the inverter is purring away sweetly doing its job and all is great .
    Sam and Fee

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