It really is execution that counts!

It really is execution that counts!

It really is execution that counts!

One of the most common questions I am asked is “is this system reliable, are the panels and inverter well made?”

I’m often left scratching my head on this, as the investment that the major solar companies has put into their products is almost to big to comprehend. Take Huawei for example, they have over 80,000 employees working in R&D alone, spent $119 Billion in research and have over 74,000 patents.

Longi, GCL, Canadian, Hanwha Q-Cell, Fronius, Goodwe, Sungrow they all have simply incredible capital and personnel deployed to bring world beating solar products to you.

So just like Real Madrid invested in Gareth Bale, you need an installer who will bring all this together to give you spectacular results to start scoring solar goals.

At Formula Sun we concentrate on the execution, perfectly designed and installed solar reaching it’s full potential from Perth’s most meticulous owner operated Solar Team.




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