Huawei Solar Inverters now in Perth

Huawei Solar Inverters now in Perth

Huawei Solar Inverters now in Perth

Huawei inverters, hard to pronounce but easy to use.

I’ve always been a fan of the simple elegant designs in solar, there’s not much point putting dozens of optimisers and micro inverters on your roof to eek out a few extra percent, when for a tenth of the cost you could simply put on another panel.

Huawei have just come up with the inverter that does it all.

-Truly battery ready just plug in an LG chem Solar Battery.

Huawei Inverters Perth

-Simple elegant design.

Huawei Solar Perth

-Easy to use and comprehensive monitoring

Huawei solar monitoring

-Optimisers that only need to be put on individual panels.

Huawei optimisers Perth

-Partnering with great Perth based solar installers (that’s us Formula Sun) to bring this all together and onto your roof.

Huawei inverters Australia

Formula Sun Customer review

Eileen Crellin reviewed Formula Sun Solar — 5 star

I received 3 quotes via solarquotes. I had originally intended to get LG panels with Fronius inverter. All 3 companies provided me with different configurations and brands and models of equipment. I chose to go with Formula Sun after a lengthy discussion over the telephone as i don’t live in Perth. Phil was very patient in adressing all my questions and I felt he was honest and knowledgeable. I like that they are owner operated solar installer. My timing was a bit restricted and Phil was able to slot me in within the time frame I allocated. Everything was organized and done smoothly. And all this via email and tele conversation. Went for a 5Kw system. Longi panels and Huawei Inverter.




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