How Much Does Solar Installation Cost In Perth?

How Much Does Solar Installation Cost In Perth?

How Much Does Solar Installation Cost In Perth?

Solar panels are one of the best investment choices you can make for your home. And we’re not just making an idle claim. There’s ample research that supports the near-guaranteed returns on solar system installation costs. Of course, to get the highest returns, you need to do your homework and choose a CEC-licensed installer.

When discussing solar panels and their pricing, it’s important to recognize that there is zero separation between installation and purchase. The solar system installation cost and the price for the panels are bundled together. Since you need to have a licence to install them, solar installation in Perth will also include the price of the panels.

Any quotations you get will reflect this. Estimates will also include the already-discounted rates for the local rebate system.

Still, there can be differences in what a solar panel system will cost for your home. In this guide, we’re doing a full solar panel installation cost breakdown for Perth so you have hard figures to work with. This way, you can make an informed decision, get the best return on investment, and help the planet with green energy along the way.

What impacts the cost of solar installation?

There are multiple criteria that affect solar installation cost. Just like any service, you can’t really take the cost in isolation. There are too many variables to account for.

It’s best to have an understanding of what actually contributes to the price so you can understand how your decisions (or those of your installer) will affect the final fee you pay. Here are a few of the main factors to help you with your solar panel installation cost breakdown.

System size

One of the prime considerations is the size of the system. Solar systems range from 1kW to 10 kW. Most typical sized systems for a family will be in the region of 4kW to 7kW.

These numbers all indicate how much energy the system will generate. It is synonymous with the number of solar panels. The more panels you have, the bigger the overall system capacity. Based on your power output needs, your installer will be able tell you exactly how many panels are required.

Panel type

Residential solar panels are broadly divided into two types: polycrystalline or monocrystalline. There are others, but they are mostly for niche applications and are not financially viable. Both monocrystalline and polycrystalline solar panels are made from silicon. The difference is that monocrystalline silicon is uniform, while polycrystalline silicon is produced from separate crystals melted together.

The result is that the monocrystalline panels have higher efficiency levels from 20% – 24%. Polycrystalline thermal efficiency is closer to 12% – 18%. Monocrystalline panels are black, while polycrystalline panels are blue.

Monocrystalline solar panels are the most popular. They are more efficient and look a little better with a smooth, uniform appearance. However, they also cost more than polycrystalline, and their performance levels suffer more from an increase in temperature.


There is significant variance in terms of the government rebates available for solar panels in Australia. Western Australia tends to be the cheapest place due to generous rebates. Victoria and New South Wales are more expensive.

But the rebates also differ depending on the size of the solar power system. So while a 3kW system might be cheaper to install in WA than NSW, a 10kW system might actually be cheaper in NSW than WA.

Installation difficulty

An installation specialist will have to assess the difficulty of the installation before giving a final quote. A flat roof is much easier for the purpose of solar panel installation in comparison to a sloped roof. And if the roof is especially high or difficult to access, then the cost will increase.

There are other installation costs to consider such as mounts (if necessary), wiring, and utility metre connection.

Solar panel installation costs in Perth

But what about the solar installation cost in Perth? According to the Australian Energy Council, Perth is actually one of the most cost-effective cities in terms of solar panel installation. The table below will give you an average as to cost in Perth and other cities, current as of 2021.

City 3kW 4kW 5kW 6kW 7kW 10kW
Adelaide $3,710 $4,290 $4,540 $5,100 $6,340 $8,590
Brisbane $3,990 $4,440 $4,990 $5,480 $6,800 $9,360
Canberra $3,770 $4,700 $5,040 $5,780 $6,550 $8,990
Darwin $5,610 $6,890 $7,750 $8,950 $10,060 $12,400
Hobart $4,770 $5,380 $5,910 $6,600 $7,160 $10,570
Melbourne $3,800 $4,120 $4,540 $4,840 $5,880 $8,240
Sydney $3,420 $3,900 $4,360 $4,950 $5,860 $7,680
Perth $2,910 $3,250 $3,570 $4,230 $5,520 $8,210
Average $4,000 $4,620 $5,090 $5,740 $6,770 $9,260

What will it cost to install a solar panel system for a home?

Costs are dictated by a combination of factors, starting with system size. In Perth, solar system installation cost is a mere $2,910 for a 3kW system. This is quite affordable, though most residences will want to get a 5kW system or even higher.

In Perth, a 5kW solar system is $3,570, and a 7kW solar system is $5,520. These prices are significantly cheaper than in other cities and, by comparison, half the prices in Darwin.

Remember that all prices include the solar panels themselves as well as the installation.

Of course, the cost of the system for your home will vary based on your exact circumstances. For this, you can do two things.

You can use a solar installation cost estimator or calculator, many of which you can find online. This will take all variables into account including your energy output and what you can expect to save over the lifetime of the unit, taking the feed-in-tariff and cost of electricity into account.

The other option is to call your local provider for details. They can give you information specific to the current situation and an accurate quote based on home, system, and installation complexity.

This seems expensive. Is there a way to save on the solar installation cost in Perth?

First things first: solar panels in Perth are already extremely affordable in comparison to other Australian cities. Certainly, the cost is higher than other home improvement projects tend to be, but remember this is not merely a sunk cost. Solar panels are an investment that earns you money with every electrical unit generated.

With this in mind, it doesn’t always pay to try to get cheaper panels with an inferior installation to save money. You might spend less up front, but you’ll lose on efficiency, quality, longevity, and money overall in the long term.

Try to look past the initial cost. Instead, take stock of your current electrical needs (and bills) and work out how much energy your household consumes in a given day, month, quarter, and year. You want to find a solar panel system that can accommodate your needs so nothing is wasted. This will maximise your ROI (you could get a battery to save excess electricity, but this is rarely worth the money).

Another way to save is to work with a CEC-licensed installer that has a strong track record. You can be assured of quality solar panels that are installed the right way and that last for a long time. Quality solar installers will only use solar panels that come with 25-year warranties. The best way to save money is by taking a long-term approach.

How long do I have to wait to break even on solar panels?

You’ll break even and then some. It just might take a while for you to get there.

How much you will save and how long its takes to payoff depends on multiple criteria including:

  • Price of electricity in your area
  • Feed-in-tariff in your area
  • Climate in your area
  • Size of your solar system
  • Initial investment cost

Thankfully, Perth is one of the best places in Australia (and possibly the world) to save money with solar panels. Your system will likely pay for itself in 4-5 years.

With the low solar installation cost and the high rate of return, adding solar panels to your home is a simple, effective solution that will save you a lot of money over the long term.

Where to find the best solar installation in Perth?

The solar installation cost is particularly low in Perth, with a 5kW solar system typically priced at $3,570.

To get the most out of your investment, you will need an experienced provider that optimizes your system with the right equipment, proper number of panels for your house, and expert installation.

It’s already a sure investment; the worst thing you can possibly do would be to try and save a few cents with low-quality providers. This is just one of many reasons to work with Formula Sun. We are five-star rated and worked with solar power systems in Perth for over 15 years.

We are licensed CEC installers and only use the best solar panels with strong warranties and high energy efficiency. We’ll also give you the best possible install, no matter how complex or difficult the environment. And we have refined our customer service process so that it is second to none.

Call now for a professional install and top-quality solar panels in Perth – 0491 288 808.


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