Here at Formula Sun we believe in demystifying solar and selling you a straightforward product without all the confusing sales hype and uncheckable pricing. We are now able to offer you exactly the same thing with finance.
Forget anything you may have heard about ‘interest free’, there is no such thing, the interest payments are simply built into the upfront price. What is more important is to get a low interest rate and no ongoing fees.
By partnering with the Clean Energy Finance Corporation Ratesetter is able to offer below market rate loans and have an easy to use repayment calculator that includes all of the costs. You do the application yourself online without being pressured by an annoying salesperson. Ratesetter pay Formula Sun direct as our systems are pre-approved.
Simply put the amount we have quoted you into the RateEstimator for your all inclusive repayment amounts, the minimum term is 36 months.

 This is an example of how your solar system can be cash flow positive from day one.

Formula Sun quote $3,990.

Estimate saving per 2 month Synergy bill, $400.

Loan repayment per 2 months, $268.

(Complete system cost over 36 months, $4,824)