Dyson to make Electric Cars

Dyson to make Electric Cars

Dyson to make Electric Cars

The company best known for reinventing the vacuum cleaner has announced plans to develop a ‘radical electric car’.

The Dyson company first got into pollution reduction back in the 90’s with an innovative use for their vacuum cyclone to clean soot from diesel exhaust.

It seems at the time that traditional combustion engine manufacturers were not that interested in changing the way they did things so that product was parked up.

As is the Dyson way, Sir James Dyson is never one to let a good idea go so he has been quietly working on bringing the motors and batteries he has developed over the years into a radically different electric vehicle concept.

Absolutely no details have been revealed yet, which makes a distinct change from nearly every other solar product that is floated with the idea of raising capital for an imminent launc

Sir James Dyson, photo courtesy of BBC

h. Instead over 400 staff have been toiling away for the past 2 years at the Dyson Wiltshire factory and he is looking at putting $3.4 Billion (OZ$) of his own money into it.

If it works half as well as my vacuum cleaner it’s going to clean up!


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