Dealing with Shade in Koondoola, WA.

Dealing with Shade in Koondoola, WA.

Dealing with Shade in Koondoola, WA.


Look at that tree.

That’s a serious tree.

For someone considering a rooftop solar system, a tree like this could be a problem. Luckily our customer here was able to work with the neighbours to trim the tree down, thus making it easier to plan an efficient solar panel layout. But even with the shade as it is, this system is still generating a fair bit of power:

‘I’ll look over all that info this weekend and once the tree is gone I’ll see the full potential. I’ve got as much as 27kwhs on the best day so far with the tree.’ -Koondoola Customer



But not everyone has the luxury of chopping down their shade, and it can be a bigger problem than it looks. Solar panels lined up on your typical system are connected along a string, meaning if even one panel is covered by shade they all stop working. For example in the picture on the right: that tiny bit of shade knocks out every panel on the roof. So if you’re dealing with a problem like this, what’s your solution?

Optimisers or micro inverters: two different tools that essentially do the same thing. These allow your panels to work independently from each other, if one is shaded the rest will still work. What these tools will not do though, is make your solar panels work under an entirely shaded roof. Solar simply doesn’t work without the sun. These are only used as a solution to partial shade and sometimes your tree will have no choice but to leave.

Although these types of systems are more pricy, they can pump out more power for you and save you more money in the long run. They are a better long term solution than perhaps only allowing your panels to work half of the day or placing them on a south facing roof so as to avoid shade elsewhere. Other times though, it may just be worth it to give up the one or two panels under that tiny little bit of shade to keep your system running all day, thus keeping your short term costs down without significantly affecting the long term returns. At the end of the day though, every roof is different and the decision is yours. This fine fellow was fortunate enough to remove the shade entirely, thus maximising the potential of the sun.

-Formula Sun


‘I got a review from just about every solar bloke I could find, I had the good bad and the ugly quote on my place, Formula Sun solar shone through for us, we picked a local company with amazing reviews both on Facebook and Google. Phil listened and let me have the combination of inverter and panels I wanted. The installation was second to none. I’m a Refrigeration Tech myself so I know a good install when I see one. The boys were quick polite and didn’t leave an ounce of rubbish. Phil advised me that the neighbours tree needed to go as it would affect our panels, now I’m pleased to say as we wait for the tree to be cut down our panels are reaching their design output each day of full sun and we cant wait to see how it does once the tree is gone! We went with the Goodwe inverter after originally wanting Fronius. I’m glad we did, same warranty same specs and with the option to buy extended warranty even further then the Fronius would go made my mind up. Thanks team. 5 star.’

-Same Koondoola Customer


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