Calculate Your Synergy Savings

Calculate Your Synergy Savings


Working out your Synergy savings is simple and this simple step-by-step guide shows you how to calculate your savings:

1. Log into the portal and find out the amount of solar produced for the same time period as your bill.
2. Then you read the power exported on your Synergy Bill, which Synergy call both ‘Next Generation’ and ‘Renewable Energy Cons Amount’.
3. Subtract the amount of solar produced from the Next Generation and this is the amount of your own solar you used instead of having to buy it, just times that by 25.75 cents.
4. Add the ‘Renewable Energy Cons Amount’
5. And that is you total savings for that bill period.
For all Formula Sun customers, send us your first bill post-installation and we can work out your savings for you.


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