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About Formula Sun Solar

Formula Sun is a local and personalised service with a passion for providing top quality solar systems at a great price. We believe that solar power holds a key to the future of the renewable industry.

And we base this on figures – correctly installed solar panels can save you lots of money and are a great way to cut down on grid energy, which is based mainly on fossil fuel consumption.

We believe that every homeowner and business person should take the initiative themselves and do their part. And we help them along this path with sensible, long-term, cost-effective solar solutions.

If you have any questions about Formula Sun Solar or our offerings, talk to us on 0491 288 808.

With Up To $3500 Savings On Energy Costs Installing Solar Panels Is Indeed a Smart Decision for Home & Business Owners!

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I trust Formula Sun Solar?

We have a 5 Star Facebook rating and a 4.7 Star Solar Quotes rating from over 150 reviews. We have been in the industry since 2006, are CEC licenced, and provide a 10 year warranty. It’s hard to beat this level of service. Moreover, as a small local business with a reputation to maintain, we are easy to talk to and are not looking for quick cash or temporary fixes. Our mantra is long term clients with long term solutions.


What is the philosophy of Formula Sun Solar?

First, we believe in solar power and its ability to change the way we do things. It is a way to go green and reduce the use of fossil fuels. But it is not quite there yet. We are always looking for ways to enhance efficiency as much as possible and are constantly expanding. In other words, we are happy with what we provide but always looking to improve, and always will be.


Are solar panels really worth it?

Absolutely, provided they are installed properly and you have given it some thought. You can get up to half of your installation costs paid for by the Federal government when you use a CEC accredited installer, such as Formula Sun.


Do you provide a warranty?

Yes, we provide a 10 year installation warranty on all of our products. And we expect them to last even longer than this.


Do you offer any financing options?

Absolutely. The initial investment for solar panels is not cheap, even if it will save you money in the long term. We can work out a low cost financial plan that suits your current budget and your energy needs. You can pair this with a solar rebate to make significant savings.


How much can I save with solar panels?

Without any information, it is impossible to say for certain how much you will save, but we can give you some rough estimates. If you take advantage of a high quality solar panel installation, you can potentially reduce your daytime energy usage to zero. If you save 15 units of energy a day, this will add up to $1,480 a year, which is a significant saving. And there are ways to gain surplus energy and sell it back. Taking stock of your current energy usage will give you a better indication in terms of what you could potentially save.

The best way to find out about Formula Sun Solar and potential savings is simply to call us – 0491 288 808. Quotes are free.

Why Choose Us

Fremantles Local Solar Company

Platinum Partner

Solar Quotes have rated Formula Sun Solar as a Platinum Partner with a rating of 4.7 from 135 verified reviews from our clients.

Professional Installation

All of our installations are carried out by CEC electrician led teams. We run a small, tight, professional team. Our aim is to be the best, not the biggest.

Low Installation Costs

The Federal Government will pay for well over half your solar installation as we are fully CEC licenced (A113 3805 & A479 6352).

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