8 Questions To Ask Before You Choose Your Solar Installer

8 Questions To Ask Before You Choose Your Solar Installer

8 Questions To Ask Before You Choose Your Solar Installer

8 Questions To Ask Before You Choose Your Solar Installer

Questions To Ask Before You Choose Your Solar Installer

Western Australians love their sun.

Whether it’s at the beach or outside enjoying time with friends and family, we’re a sun-loving state.

But with 2.65 million solar panels installed across Australia, it turns out we’re a sun-loving country too. And why not? With solar power able to harness the sun’s clean energy and reduce reliance on the power grid, you can pay less on each power bill as you sell excess power back to your provider.

And with Australian Government providing renewable power incentives, you can actually pay less on the installation costs of your own solar system too.

If you’re on the fence about your own solar power system, it helps to know what questions to ask to make an informed decision. We’ve rounded up the most important Q’s for you and left 8 crucial questions you don’t want to forget to ask.


#1 – “What performance can I expect from this solar system?”

If you’re comparing different solar panel systems, the output in kWh is more valuable than the peak kWh. Getting quoted a peak kWh doesn’t tell the whole story as there are natural peaks and troughs in solar production – even living in a sunny Western Australian location.

Ask your solar installer for a detailed breakdown of expected kWh across the month to figure out how much power your system will generate and what type of return you’ll be looking at.


#2 – “Does this solar panel come with a manufacturer’s warranty?”

You hope to never claim a solar panel warranty – but it’s nice to know the option is there.

Some low-quality solar installers will include fine print that voids your warranty if you don’t schedule regular servicing through their company (which only lines their pockets more). For maximum performance, a solar system typically needs a clean once a year, and a service once every 5 years.

At Formula Sun we only provide solar systems that come with 10 year manufacturer’s warranties for your peace of mind (up to 12 years for our Q-cell products).


#3 – “Do you sell local solar products?”

Keeping your solar products in Australia is beneficial to the local economy, but that’s not why you should be asking this crucial question.

Locally sourced products will have locally backed warranties. If something goes wrong it’s nice to know there’s a warranty or form of protection to make sure your situation is resolved swiftly and without financial loss on your end.

Solar products being shipped from overseas, without an Australian presence to fall back on, will make a warranty claim extremely difficult to follow through on.


#4 – “Are you CEC certified?”

Impressed by a great deal or the promise of quick, free energy?

These incentives can give you a rosy coloured impression of a solar installer, but always follow up to check if they’re CEC certified.

CEC, or Clean Energy Council, certification is a stamp of approval from the peak body for clean energy in Australia. All reputable Perth solar installers should have completed the training and assessment program that earns the CEC tick of approval (which Formula Sun proudly has).


#5 – “Is there after-sales support?”

A flashy solar power salesman can hook you in with the promise of big savings and cheap deals, but once your system is on the roof they become harder to find than a spot on Scarborough Beach on a summer’s day (which is pretty hard to find).

Your solar installer should partner with you for the life of your system and provide ongoing support when you need it – which is exactly what we do at Formula Sun.


#6 – “Do you offer financing options?”

The upfront cost of solar system installation can be off-putting for many Fremantle families and homeowners. Although solar is designed to earn your money back – known as the ‘payback period’, you will need to budget a little extra upfront to have your new system installed.

At Formula Sun we understand our Fremantle and surrounding suburb customers sometimes need more options than paying full-price  upfront, which is why we’re proud to offer flexible financing options to suit your needs.

Paired with the Australian Government’s solar power rebates and there’s a cost-effective solution to suit all budgets.


#7 – “Can I upgrade my solar system down the track?”

Life changes fast.

Whether you welcome extra kids, extra family members, or an extra garage-turned-man cave, it’s normal to expect your solar power needs may evolve down the track.

Always ask your solar installer if your system can be upgraded in the future. You don’t want to be stuck with an out-of-date system that can’t be improved, leaving you out of pocket and frustrated because you didn’t do your homework.

Looking to find a custom solution that will grow with your home? Discover how a custom consultation with Formula Sun can help.


#8 – “How much will I save on my energy bills?”

The main appeal of converting your home’s electricity usage to solar power is the ability to slash your bills and pay less as time goes by, so it’s important you ask your installer about their expected cost-saving benefits.

All reputable solar installers will tell you there’s no magic number in terms of savings, but they will be able to walk you through the factors that influence your bill, including:

  • Your average energy consumption
  • Your feed-in tariff rate
  • The size of your installed solar system
  • What suburb of Fremantle you live in

At Formula Sun we explain to our clients that the right, high-quality solar panels can potentially reduce daytime energy usage to zero. Through saving just 15 units of energy per day can add up to savings of $1,480 per year – which isn’t a bad return on investment at all!


Are you looking to slash your next power bill?

Australia receives roughly 58 million PJ (petajoules) of solar radiation each year – which exceeds energy consumption by 10,000 times. So it’s safe to say there’s plenty of solar power waiting to be harnessed.

If you’re looking to make your Fremantle home a more energy efficient and sustainable place, reach out to our friendly customer support team to ask any of the 8 questions above – plus any other questions you have!

We’re passionate about helping our local community save money, and enjoy life knowing their electricity needs are taken care of.

Looking for a quote or need to ask a question? Use our contact form to get in touch and we’ll get back to you ASAP.


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