7 ways to reduce your electricity bill without spending any money

7 ways to reduce your electricity bill without spending any money

7 ways to reduce your electricity bill without spending any money

Power bills just keep going up and up, and in WA we will be seeing another 7% increase in July. With than in mind, many people are looking for ways to reduce their bill but don’t have too much spare cash to spend on green tech such as smart meters and solar power. Or maybe you are renting and the landlord won’t let you put a solar system on the roof. Well here are 7 ways to reduce your electricity bill without spending any money.

  1. Seal up your house: according to consumer reports sealing leaks can reduce energy costs by 15 to 30%. Most people have caulk left over from other home projects so go find where the whilstling of the wind comes from and seal those leaks. It could save you a lot of money.
  2. Wash Laundry with cold water: this is a huge money saver and according to Michael Bluejay ka. Mr electricity, it can save up to $152 per year on your bill
  3. Turn on fans in summer and use space heaters in winter: this allows you to only make the rooms you are in feel cooler. With air-conditioning taking up to 12% of your electricity bill, fans are a much more efficient way to cool down. In Australia, we tend to use our air-conditioning to heat up the house as well. This way you only have to heat the rooms you are in. The other alternative in winter is too just put warm clothes on. Often just throwing a thick dressing gown on can make all the difference and save you a lot of money.
  4. Unplug electronics: Firstly, put desktop computers into sleep mode or even better shut down. Just turning off the monitor will take up 15% of your stand by electricity usage. Some of the other big hitting stand by electricity users include tv’s, printers, phone chargers, microwaves and kettles. Just switching these off at the plug can save you hundreds of $$$ a year.
  5. Clean air filters monthly: if you are using air-conditioning be sure to clean the filters monthly. When they clog up, the filters come inefficient, thus meaning the air-conditioner needs to do more work to produce the same effect. Cleaning the filters increases efficiency, thus saving you money.
  6. Air dry clothing: I know it is so much easier to just throw it in the tumble drier but if you are looking to save money then air dry. Sometimes allergens can be an issue with hanging clothes outside. In Perth, we are lucky enough to have amazing heat in summer. Hang the clothes inside and just leave them in the heated up house during the day. Come home and the clothes are dry.
  7. Light bulbs: This one will cost a few $, however it is money that will be spent anyway to replace bulbs. The first option is not to replace them; maybe your lounge room has 50 down lights in there, and when you turn them all on the room lights up like the Sydney harbour bridge at new years. The second option is when replacing them choose your bulbs carefully. If you usually have 50w down lights, did you know that 35w down lights can now produce the same amount of light. You can also buy very cost effective led light bulbs and whilst they cost a bit more up front, due to advances in technology they no longer break the bank, last longer and use a lot less electricity, whilst giving the same light out put as a standard globe. Also if you are looking for the best place to buy light globes we buy all of ours from an electrical wholesaler in Wangara called CNW. If you ever go in there, ask for the Old Man and tell him that Marlon said you could have a 10% discount. He will laugh, hurl some sort of comment about me and then give you the discount.


I hope this helped you heaps. This list isn’t definitive, if you  have any other awesome ways to reduce bills please leave a comment at https://www.facebook.com/FormulaSun/ or send us a message. Lastly, if after you have done all these and your power bill is still over $300, send us a message to find out how you can have solar on your roof, and use only the money you spend on power to pay it off.


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