300 watt Longi Solar Panels now available

300 watt Longi Solar Panels now available


longi solar panels perth

Now available, just 22 panels for 6.6kW.

This is a bit of a not-quite-game-changer but more of a game influencer, sort of a Lachie-Neale-type-changer but not quite a Pav.

But none-the-less a big step in the right direction, previously 300 watt panels were more expensive than the extra 10% of power they produced (think Sunpower, LG), but these new panels from Longi are Tier 1, part of the Solar Power Super League and reasonably priced.

They are mono as opposed to polycrystalline construction and have a temperature degradation just .39%, which is best in show. I can’t actually remember the last time there was a reasonably priced mono panel.

So if you have limited roof space I will be quoting these for you. Please don’t be scared off on them being a new product. Just like cars and computers solar panels are made better and cheaper on a constantly evolving process. Just enjoy more power for less space and money.



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